Fractionated co2 for stains, scars, acne

Fractional CO2 laser is the best laser to treat wrinkles, marks, scars, stretch marks or for facial rejuvenation or décolleté rejuvenation. The fractional CO2 laser emits tiny beams of light that penetrate the skin down to the dermis in the form of hundreds of thermal columns. These columns are small microscopic wounds that are surrounded by healthy tissue, which is the tissue that contains keratinocytes, the cells capable of promoting rapid healing and high collagen production.


What CO2 can do for you?

• Blemishes and scars reduction
• Natural results
• Rejuvenating effect on the skin

The number of sessions will depend on the severity of the scars, as well as the intensity of the treatment, with 1 to 3 sessions being necessary in most cases. However, the deeper the scars, the more treatment sessions should be expected. 

Interested in having a more youthful complexion?